Jun 11

Sinister Creature Con - Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetics

  • Stockton

Encapsulated Wound application class. 

Learn about the application techniques to apply Encapsulated Silicone and Pros-aide transfers.


Get your tickets to Sinister Creature Con www.sinistercreaturecon.com

Special Fx Class

In this class you will learn how to apply a prosthetic, airbrushing techniques and learn about products Nicole loves to use for all her work. This is a great class to get ready for halloween with and learn about special fx makeup techniques. She will be demoing working with Foam Latex prosthetics, How to apply Blood realistic, Painting a dead flesh patterns and much more. Students will get a chance to come up and join Nicole through out the demos. You do not need to bring anything to this class. You will be watching the application and will have opportunities to come up as well. 

Each student will get $5 off toward anything at Nicole's Booth.  

After the class each student will get a free Photo Op with Nicole and her makeup creation. 

Oct 16

Sinister Creature Con

  • Scottish Rite Center

Nicole will be a featured guest at Sinister Creature con. Come to her booth Vicious Vanity Fx for photo ops, prints, Special Fx prosthetics and new this year will be her hand made creepy Decor. She will also be doing makeup workshops (details below) 



Watch the Live Mermaid makeup Demo on Saturday 4-7 at the Vicious Vanity Fx Booth




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May 22


X Con in Myrtle Beach Nicole will be along side her fellow Face Off stars Roy and Rj who she also stared in FOXY and Co with. Come out to see them and attend 2 classes they will be teaching together. Nicole will also have her custom prosthetics and be demoing makeups everyday. 

11:00 am11:00

Blood Guts And Gore!!

Intro to Special Fx Makeup class. New class coming March 26th in Roseville ca. I will be teaching the first things I ever learned as an fx artist and what got me started and what gave me the drive to pursue this career. Learn how to work with various materials and do hands on wounds and more. You also will get a starter kit to take home and play! Check it out from The Build Cave.com direct links on my Facebook. 💉🔪 

Dec 6

Transylvania Slayer Con

  • tinley park IL

Nicole will be a Featured guest at her booth Vicious Vanity FX, Details coming soon

Sep 20


  • Quincy Street Conference & Event Center
4:00 pm16:00

Zombie Walk

  • Zombie Walk
Photo by Dan Herrera 

Photo by Dan Herrera 

Vicious Vanity Fx whole crew will be at this years Zombie walk offering many styles of zombie makeups. We will have everything from blood splatter, bites and wounds to full zombie Makeups. We will also be selling all our prosthetics there as well and Nicole will be signing autographs and doing makeups. 

 Zombie Walk info Here 

Jun 28

Florida SuperCon

  • Miami Beach Convention Center

NICOLE CHILELLI will be appearing at the FLORIDA SUPER CON in MIAMI FL 6/25/15 weekend!! There will be a TON of other great guests, vendors, cosplayers, costume contests, and so much more!! You can also sign up for Nicole's demo workshop to watch her in action creating something spectacular with her take on the Joker. She will teach the process of application Makeup.