Sinister Creature Con - Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetics

  • Stockton

Encapsulated Wound application class. 

Learn about the application techniques to apply Encapsulated Silicone and Pros-aide transfers.


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Special Fx Class

In this class you will learn how to apply a prosthetic, airbrushing techniques and learn about products Nicole loves to use for all her work. This is a great class to get ready for halloween with and learn about special fx makeup techniques. She will be demoing working with Foam Latex prosthetics, How to apply Blood realistic, Painting a dead flesh patterns and much more. Students will get a chance to come up and join Nicole through out the demos. You do not need to bring anything to this class. You will be watching the application and will have opportunities to come up as well. 

Each student will get $5 off toward anything at Nicole's Booth.  

After the class each student will get a free Photo Op with Nicole and her makeup creation.