• Special fx makeup for Film and Photoshoots

We can cover all your needs for Special Fx makeup on set. We can custom build anything you need for your film or photoshoot! You dream it then we can make it. Give us some time before you shoot to build what is needed and we will deliver. Email us for booking, just let us know when your shoot is, what kind of makeup fx or creature you are needing and we will get back to you with a quote. 

  • Conventions or live events

One thing Nicole loves to do is Teach and Demo for a live crowd. Nicole can come to your convention or event and Demo a makeup right in front of you just like your in the last looks room watching it happen live! There are many options for this so defiantly let us know if you'd be interested in this and we can make it work personally for your event. 

Usually for these events Nicole can do a Q and A panel so you can ask her questions. She will also offer a Paid Class as well teaching many different types of makeup fx.

  • Custom Prosthetic or props 

Looking for a prosthetic, mask or prop that you want made so you can do it yourself? We can do that!! just let us know what it is you are dreaming of and we can make it for you. Also includes our Mermaid Bras and the special cell phone cases Nicole makes as well. 


Special FX and Beauty Makeup